About Us

What is Puddin'?

Puddin' By Clio first opened its door in 2012 as a very tiny 280 square foot shop in the East Village. From the moment it opened it was so popular that it had to close after two days because we ran out of stock!

We where featured in The New York Times, Gothamist, ZAGAT, on shows like Unique Sweets and many more publications!

The concept was simple, make delicious pudding, don't mess with it, and have fun. It is this concept that not only added to the experience of Puddin' By Clio, but made the already delicious pudding that much tastier!

Though the shop closed in 2014 after two glorious years, former customers continued to reach out over the next 6 years, inquiring if we would ever make a return to the dessert scene?

So here we are, 2020, ready to make a comeback, and although we changed the logo quite a bit, we haven't changed a single recipe! The pudding will be the same and just as delicious as everyone remembers, and over time, we will expand our menu to include even more treat!

Its good to be back


Who is Puddin'?

Puddin' is the brainchild of the original creator and chef Clio Goodman who created the beloved recipes back in 2011. She has worked as a pastry chef and recipe developer in New York City for the past 10 years and is so excited to bring back Puddin' and eventually expand the menu!