Bakery Box!

Bakery Box!

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The Bakery Box is a array of goodies of either classic Puddin' favorites or new items we are experimenting with. 

Next Bakery Box Pick Up is August 8th

Bakery Box Delivery is August 9th (+$3 for delivery)


This upcoming Bakery Box has

-Jasmine Raspberry Scones

-Elote Corn Bread (GF)

-Blueberry Golden Berry Rye Linzer Tort

-Spelt and Sesame Brittle chocolate chip cookie with ginger

-Floral Sugar Cookie

-Nettle Meringues with Raspberry Curd

-Rosemary Orange Blossom Cinnamon Rolls

-Basil Lemon cake with Basil frosting and Lemon Curd

-Chorizo Danish

-Savory market Focaccia